September 2019

El/La Para TransLatinas is a non-profit that was founded in 1993 to fight for the rights of transgender Latina women. Located in San Francisco, California, El/La Para TransLatinas serves thousands of transgender Latina women each year.

El/La Para TransLatinas helps to educate translatinas about risks to their health and safety, support each other in identifying barriers to full participation in society, and find resources to overcome those barriers. El/La has made themselves and their allies visible by showing the world their experience and building partnerships with other organizations.

They offer many supports to the transgender community, including a safe drop-in space (“Safe Space”) where women recieve classes, meals, and enrichment skills groups, violence prevention programs, case management, HIV prevention & PrEP navigation, leadership development, and advocacy.

Winsor Kinkade led an art class with El/La Para TransLatinas in their Safe Space in September 2019. The Kinkade Family Foundation is proud to be an ally of El/La Para TransLatinas and support their efforts to fight for the rights of the transgender community.