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Cityteam is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1957 to serve individuals living in extreme poverty or homelessness. With five locations on the West coast, Cityteam serves over 500,000 individuals per year.

San José, California, where the Kinkade Family Foundation is based, can only house 6% of unsheltered women each night. One of Cityteam’s locations in San José, known as Heritage Home, provides a safe and loving environment for women who are pregnant and in need of help. Women who are residents of Heritage Home overcome homelessness, chemical dependency, and other hardships while becoming loving mothers to their newborns.

In the spirit of collaboration, the Kinkade Family Foundation has joined Cityteam in expanding their women’s programs in San José.

In 2018, the Kinkade family donated a home in San José to Cityteam. Once women graduate from Heritage Home, it’s crucial that women have a safe environment to continue to grow with their infant while they take positive steps towards growth and independence. That’s where House of Light comes in...

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We are thrilled to announce that House of Light opens its doors in Fall of 2019!

House of Light is a six-bedroom home in San Jose, California, that will provide safe, comfortable housing to around fifteen women and minor children. The community living program is designed to give CityTeam graduates a stepping stone between a structured program and transitioning into independent living.

House of Light will provide aftercare in the form of:

  • Continued daily access to CityTeam services, such as the Learning and Career Center, mentorship programs, parenting classes, AA meetings, and enrichment workshops.

  • Below market rent and utilities for women for at least one year to obtain rental history for future housing security

  • Rotating leadership opportunities within the home, and an opportunity to grow in leadership and practical living skills.

  • Living with a small community of other women and mothers to promote mutual support, understanding, respect, security, and mental wellness.

The House of Light follows a model of care that honors women’s tenacious ability to care for themselves and their children. The intention is that this becomes a place of peace, security, and joy for the families who make House of Light their home.

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HELP THE WOMEN OF HOUSE OF LIGHT. Your donation will go towards furnishing the House of Light, keeping the House of Light supplied with items that are required for the women and their children, (i.e. diapers, feminine products, and children’s clothes and shoes), as well as funding the operations of House of Light, such as maintenance and upkeep of the home.