Casa Generación is a nonprofit organization that was founded in Peru in 1988 to defend and protect the human rights of Lima’s children, youth, and teenagers who live in the streets. Now, there are many opportunities for these kids and their families to be active participants in society and realize their vast capabilities.

Since it’s opening over 30 years ago, Generación has opened three homes around central Lima that provide children with housing, education, nutrition, psychological intervention, sports, and the arts. Generación works to allow children to reach their full potential and create a life for themselves filled with dignity, hope, and love. Additionally, Generación is involved in community organizing and political activism to improve children's rights in Peru. 

In an effort to unite our passion for art with human rights, The Kinkade Family Foundation has implemented an annual art program and sponsors an on-site art teacher to continue year round art courses. In addition, we are contributing to academic educations for the youth of Lima, Peru. Having access to an education greatly increases the odds that the child will not return to the streets as an adult. 

The Kinkade Family Foundation partners with Generación in the following ways:

Basic Needs

  • Funds donated to basic needs help provide children living in the group homes with basic needs, including:

    • Three healthy meals per day

    • Housing needs (i.e. rent for the three homes, maintanence, toiletries, etc.)

    • Clothing and shoes

    • Medical and dental check-ups

    • Public school or private school tuition, depending on child’s specific needs

Annual Art Camp

  • Reaches 150+ at risk children, youth and teenagers annually

  • Includes instruction through various art mediums on the fundamentals of art and design such as color theory, pattern, balance, contrast, unity, value, texture

  • Equips each participating child a backpack filled with take home art supplies

  • Provides long lasting effects through boosting each student’s creative confidence

  • Creates a safe and accepting environment where each student is encouraged to express their immense struggles and joys through art

Art Teacher Sponsorship

  • Grants the opportunity for Valentina, an experienced art teacher from Perú, to teach art classes at Casa Generación

    • Reaches 150+ children, youth and teenagers with weekly, year-round art courses




GENERACIÓN IS CURRENTLY IN NEED OF OUR HELP. Your donation will help provide the children of Generación basic needs such as three healthy meals per day, housing needs (i.e. rent for the three homes, maintanence, toiletries, etc.), clothing and shoes, medical and dental check-ups, school tuition.


GIVE AN ART BACKPACK TO THE YOUTH AT CASA GENERACIÓN. We have over 300 children that attend our annual art camp in Lima, Peru. Your donation of $20 will gift one child with a backpack to last them the whole year to use for art and school. Having their own personal backpack filled with art and school supplies gives the children a healthy outlet to help keep them off the streets and investing in something positive. Art provides an outlet for the youth to boost their self-confidence, express emotion and make change in their community.