House of Light: Our Partnership with CityTeam

By Winsor Kinkade

Hello friends, family, and supporters!

Happy International Women’s Day to all women-identified folks!!!

This International Women’s Day, we’re thrilled to finally be sharing with you a project that the Kinkade Family Foundation has been working on for quite some time! As a family of five women, our hearts are so genuinely excited about everything that’s unfolding! But, before we jump into our news, let’s back up a bit and give you a quick recap…

As maybe you’ve heard before, KFF loves the organization CityTeam. CityTeam meets the needs of individuals in the US who are displaced, homeless, or facing extreme poverty. CityTeam’s Heritage Home program in San José helps pregnant women overcome homelessness, chemical dependency, and other hardships while becoming loving mothers to their newborn babies. Heritage Home provides for the women’s physical needs in addition to their emotional, professional, and spiritual needs. All around, this organization and the folks they serve are amazing, and it’s been on our hearts for years to find more ways to support them.

After a few brainstorming meetings with CityTeam in 2018, it became clear that there was a need for continued transitional care after the women graduate from Heritage Home. Once they graduate, it’s crucial that women have a safe environment to continue to grow with their infant while they take positive steps towards growth and independence. Without affordable housing or childcare, the graduates often find themselves in difficult situations. Women may be subjected to living in their cars or in unsafe environments. Some return to abusive relationships or fall into unhealthy habits.

Our mother and dear CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) decided to take action, as usual. Nanette Kinkade purchased and donated a home in San José that would provide continued safe and affordable housing to women who graduate from Heritage Home. The house was named “House of Light” in honor of our dad’s passion for “sharing the light” through his artwork.

We are thrilled to announce that House of Light opens its doors in Summer of 2019!

House of Light is a six-bedroom home in San Jose, California, that will provide safe, comfortable housing to around fifteen women and minor children. The community living program is designed to give CityTeam graduates a stepping stone between a structured program and transitioning into independent living.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 11.34.25 AM.png

House of Light will provide aftercare in the form of:

  • Continued daily access to CityTeam services, such as the Learning and Career Center, mentorship programs, parenting classes, AA meetings, and enrichment workshops.

  • Below market rent and utilities for women for at least one year to obtain rental history for future housing security

  • Rotating leadership opportunities within the home, and an opportunity to grow in leadership and practical living skills.

  • Living with a small community of other women and mothers to promote mutual support, understanding, respect, security, and mental wellness.

The House of Light follows a model of care that honors women’s tenacious ability to care for themselves and their children. The intention is that this becomes a place of peace, security, and joy for the families who make House of Light their home.

Thank you to our supporters and friends for walking with us through this journey and believing in our work. And special thanks to Lara Fulmer from CityTeam and Lynsie Gridley who helped make our dreams come true with this project!

We look forward to giving more updates in the near future! To stay up-to-date with House of Light, follow along with Facebook or Instagram.

Again, Happy International Women’s Day to all you incredible ladies! May today be a reminder of how amazing you are, how far we’ve come, and how much stronger we will be when we continue to work with another! We love you!

With love and light,

The Kinkade Family

“The strongest light is the light that shines within you. Use it to lead the way of your life.” Anonymous

We are looking for individuals to volunteer with this project! Opportunities currently include project preparations (demolition, yard work, clean-up, interior design direction, etc...).   

If you’d like to hear more about ways to get involved or volunteer with House of Light, email

We have plenty of giving opportunities! If you feel inspired to donate to Cityteam, click here.